How to keep spiders off security camera

If you have security cameras outside your home, you may have spider webs obstructing the view at night and sending you false notifications.

Spiders are attracted to the bugs which are attracted to the infrared light emitting from your camera. This can be a real problem as they obstruct the view of the cameras at night as the infrared lights are reflected back into the camera lens.

Some ways to stop this are:

  • Put a flea collar around the cameras. They are known to keep spiders and other bugs away.
  • Apply Vaseline around the base of the cover, the area surrounding the camera, and the camera cover, but make sure you avoid the lens. This makes the area too hard for spiders to spin webs as it is slippery.
  • Regularly spray bug repellent around the cameras. Spray bug spray around the protective housing of your cameras making sure you don’t get the lens.
  • Keeping the areas around the camera clean. Regular clean the cameras exterior house, cover and shield with a soft-bristled brush to remove spider websites

These ways that are listed above might not 100% effective but should help in preventing spiders from obstructing your security camera views.

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