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  • How to keep spiders off security camera

    If you have security cameras outside your home, you may have spider webs obstructing the view at night and sending you false notifications. Spiders are attracted to the bugs which are attracted to the infrared light emitting from your camera. This can be a real problem as they obstruct the view of the cameras at […]

  • Abit About Harry’s Security

    Harrys Security supplies and installs a wide range of security products to suit your needs. At Harrys Security, it is our goal to install the right system for you to help improve your security and peace of mind around your property. Whether it is security cameras or an alarm at your house or at your […]

  • Reasons To Get Security Cameras

    There are many reasons to get security cameras including, Peace of Mind Security Monitor your property Safety Prevent Theft Evidence General Viewing All security cameras provided and installed by security cameras come with mobile apps so they can be viewed off-site on your phone if you have internet (Internet needed at the location of cameras).  […]